💎 Fast 5 - forgive me father for I have sinned

New experiment…I’m calling it: Fast 5.

Every week, I’m finding cool/interesting things on the internet. This email has 5 of my best finds, and you can skim the whole email in less than 60 seconds.

Here we go:

 #1 This chart shows just how awful reddit is at monetizing users. 

Reddit makes 30X LESS money per user than Facebook and IG h/t Sacra

#2 This facebook Ad from True Classic Tees.

It’s a great example of “showing” vs. “telling.”

These guys are crushing right now ($150M in revenue). I bet they’ve spent $1m+ on this one ad.

#3 This AI deepfake live stream of Trump debating Joe Biden.

Over 100k+ people have watched the fake debate on Twitch. The voices and video are so good, deepfakes are getting really good. warning, NSFW language)

#4 I bought this domain (and have no plan for it)

I love me a great company name.

My last company (Milk Road) had a good, simple, easy-to-spell, name.

I like names that sound familiar, and catchy. So I bought this domain yesterday “ShoppyJoe” (like the SloppyJoe sandwich).

I have a long list of “company name” formulas. Here’s a sample of 7 from my list:

  • easy peasy

  • Flap Jack (or anything like that. Flap Track, Flap Stack, Flap Shack etc.)

  • _____Daddy (like GoDaddy) or ______mama

  • Wet _____

  • Nitty Gritty

  • Holy Polly (good name for a polling product)

#5 Nike Marketing Strikes Again

Some companies sell shoes. Nike sells you becoming the person you want to be.

- shaan

P.S. Have a great day, you deserve it


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