5 Tweet Tuesday - October 3, 2023


💎  5 Tweet Tuesday 💎 

If you’re new around here, every week I share the 5 best tweets I saw in the past 7 days.

I scroll, so you don’t have to.

Let’s get to it:

#1 💎 

This is a bad take IMO.

  • We already carry around GPS trackers in our pockets

  • we bring microphones into the bedroom

  • and a camera with us in the bathroom

  • we give our data to China thru TikTok

Privacy is vegetables. Pleasure is junk food.

Humans have proven they'll throw privacy out the window if they can trade it for pleasure (convenience, entertainment, money, fame, etc.)

#2 💎 

Martin Shkreli got an advance copy of the Michael Lewis book about Sam Bankman Fried and tweeted like 100 little tidbits yesterday.


  • Sam admitting he has "anhedonia", meaning, he can't feel pleasure

  • Sam blowing hundreds of millions of dollars on crazy bets

  • Caroline (CEO of FTX) being in love with Sam, and feeling relieved when it all blew up that it was finally over

worth reading his tweets

#3 💎 

I recently realized that in every meeting, I have the opportunity to make someone feel BIG or small. This is a simple way to make people feel big.

#3.5 💎 

…and let me take this opportunity to tell you that I’m hosting a webinar with Nick Huber (@sweatystartup) where we show you how we hire & train overseas employees.

  • I hire ~80% of my team in the Philippines / South America

  • This saves me a ton of money (they’re 10x cheaper than Americans)

  • And over the past 10 years have learned a bunch of lessons

#4 💎 

This is an example of “shit that sounds cool, but isn’t true.” This sentence only works because Nike is extremely visual/design-heavy.

Geico has a super strong brand, but I don’t know what beverage they’d make.

BMW has a super strong brand, but I don’t know what their hotel would be like.

If you want to know how “true” a rule/framework is, try to quickly break it/find exceptions. If you can find 5 exceptions in 1 minute of thinking, it’s probably a flimsy “rule.”

#5 💎