5 Tweet Tuesday - October 24, 2023

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Beautifully said. This Mark Manson guy should write books or something...

this is why it's a huge red flag if someone is rude to a waiter or intern.

"the true measure of a man is judged by how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good" - Samuel Johnson

#2 💎 

I like this framing. What feels "new" is just a remix of the old.

MrBeast hosts game shows. Nelk Boys are Jackass. Deestroying is the new And1 Mixtape Tour.

Who's recreating Pimp My Ride?

#3 💎 

my friend recently sent me a slide deck about the story of his life (for a presentation he gave at tiger21)

I've known him for 10+ years, but didn't know half of the stories in the slides (he dropped out of school for a year to work at a gas station his parents bought??)

it was awesome. i wish all my friends did this.

we need TED for friendships

#4 💎 

I like this insight. I'm good at the non-linear stuff. It takes a sprint, a burst of creativity, or an eye for a rare opportunity.

I'm much worse at things like dieting/working out which require a simple plan executed consistently.

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