5 Tweet Tuesday - November 28, 2023

💎  5 Tweet Tuesday 💎 

If you’re new around here, every week I share the 5 best tweets I saw in the past 7 days.

I scroll, so you don’t have to.

Let’s get to it:

#1 💎 

holy shit. this is my favorite AI demo yet

#2 💎 

this deserves to be read twice. the big "rookie manager' mistake is assuming every big problem needs a big solution

#3 💎 

hang on, this might be genius.

how many wastes of energy can be replaced by ringing a bell? This might save marriages. This might solve all wars. I am ALL IN on the bell theory

#4 💎 

You know the rules, 5 tweet tuesday never makes you click. Except when there are exceptions.

This video is an exception. It's a 4-minute video explaining how every good story works

#5 💎 



What’d you think of this email? What was your favorite tweet of the week?