5 Tweet Tuesday - February 20, 2024

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doubt your doubts.

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love this tip. An extra 30 seconds after you send a message can save you 30 hours of pain later.

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Quick story. When I was 21, I lived in Australia, and one of our best buddies from college came to visit. He literally spent every dollar he had to fly to Australia, so he showed up broke.

He should have been happy.. He’s 21, with his best friends, 5 minutes from the beautiful beaches & women of Australia… but instead he was stressed about his money situation. 

So like any 21 year old idiots, we tried to dig our way out of the financial hole by…gambling. I took $1k that I had saved up, and we both went to the casino to play poker.

Our mindset was: “Look, we’re feeling shitty..but if we jussst win some money, THEN we can have so much fun on this trip”

Of course, since we were stressed about money, we played scared poker, and ended up losing the $1k. So we went from $0 to negative wealth.

We were bummed out, sitting at home. Doing nothing because we were broke. Not just financially, but mentally too. 

We sat in the living room, playing catch with a balled up sock back and forth (a great event for the ‘loser olympics’).

We couldn’t even watch TV, because I had sold my TV and used the $ to buy a giant whiteboard in the middle of the living room (honestly, one of my best decisions ever). Usually this is where I would sketch out random business ideas. 

Finally - I asked a question - “OK pretend we had $100,000 in our bank account, and you have 3 weeks left on this trip. Let’s make a list of EVERYTHING you’d wanna do to make this a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.”

“Idk - meet cool people”

“Be more specific.” 

“I wanna meet an awesome Australian girl” 

“More specifically, think of it like a movie scene. What’s the scene?” 

“I’m waking up, headache from a great night out, and I hear a girl’s voice in an Australian accent asking me where we’re going for breakfast”

We kept doing this. All the things we wanted, super specific. Go skydiving. Road trip along the Gold Coast. Discover an amazing local band and become buddies with them. Etc.. we had 42 things on our list.

Then I asked one more question “how much does all this cost anyways?”

Most of the things required no money. A few things cost a couple hundred bucks. We realized we only needed about $2-3k to pull off EVERYTHING on the list (about how much we had just gambled away). 

We then realized that a few things on the list (eg. “throw a party for everyone who’s studying abroad”) actually would make enough money to pay for everything else. 

The lesson? 

Get specific about what you want. It turns anxiety into excitement. Oh, and go to Australia in your early 20s, trust me.

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the previous story was so long, I’m not allowed to do more captions.

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